Mama, Me, and 'Em: Bittersweet Memories
Mama, Me, and 'Em: Bittersweet Memories


WILL LEAMON’S most intriguing novel, Mama, Me & ‘Em, inspired by the loss of a loved one to the complications of Alzheimer’s disease, derives its roots from the many fables and folklore passed down from generation to generation. MME is a rich, exciting and compassionate series of short stories, vignettes and chapters. MME focuses on some of the most tumultuous phases in the history of our great nation— war, racial prejudice, inequality and injustice. Leamon provokes us to think about our future and reflect upon many aspects of our lives that we sometimes take for granted.
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Will Leamon

About Will Leamon

WILL LEAMON grew up in Brooklyn, New York. He has lived and worked in Brooklyn, New York and Manhattan most of his life and currently resides in New England with his wife. Will has spent a good deal of his business life in corporate America and has an extensive sales and marketing background. He was the owner of a successful business consulting and marketing firm and is currently semi-retired. Read more


Excerpt from the Book

“LORDY EMMA MAE, ya keep on a pushin’ na gal! You hear me? Push na! Chile, I swanee…Lordy, Sweet Jesus! It sho’s gonna be a big un,” hollered out Nanna Jane Calhoun over her daughter’s ear-piercing screams.
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